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3D Printing Beautifully Disturbing Masks For JiHAE “It Just Feels”…On A Crazy Deadline

Around six months ago, actor Norman Reedus has gone to the Shapeways offices to get scanned. They couldn’t say much at that time but now they are pleased to be able to let everyone know that Shapeways had a part in the new JiHAE music video “It Just Feels.” This music video has been directed by film director Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo, with words and music by Leonard Cohen, Dave Stewart and JiHAE. Agnieszka came up with the amazing mask concept for their video and worked with the designer and shop owner, Melissa Ng of Lumecluster, to create five masks for their music video, one for the artist and four for Norman.


The only problem was that they all needed to be designed and printed in just three weeks. However, the one familiar with 3D printing knows that the process can take a little time, that’s why Melissa was definitely up against a crazy deadline. Being the pro she is, she tackled the challenge with grace and created amazing masks that are featured in the music video. 

But, a few days after Thanksgiving, Agnieszka came to a bad news. It turned out that Shapeways only had three days to complete the four masks for Norman Reedus. Within about two weeks, Mansee 3D modeler, according to her words, had grown immensely and learned more than she could have imagined when it came to building skill, trusting herself, and trusting others. Shapeways also really came through for her and she can’t thank them enough.

Learning to love, and overcome the challenge, comes down to whether or not you are willing to identify and strengthen your weak foundations. In the end, dreams thrive or crumble depending on how far you choose to venture out of your comfort zone.

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