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A Student Takes VirtualReality Gaming To A New Level

It seems like now this 3D printing technology is being increasingly used to commercialize virtual reality. This can be proved from a pair of 3D printed gloves and goggles developed by a student; these can be used to influence virtual reality experiences. These gloves and goggles are perfect for gaming and messing with some data of a minor report.


These Inteligloves and Goggles are developed by a post graduate student of ETH University, Zurich as a project. His Inteligloves are 3D printed, together with kinect sensors and an app and Smartphone based virtual reality headset. This entire configuration made the gadget capable of conjuring up a gigantic virtual reality experience in which users can be completely immersed. 

 He revealed that these 3D printed gloves were considerably easy to make. The material is an elastic PLA that you can print on a home 3D printer; but it also requires the incorporation of wireless module, flex sensors, a measuring unit, gyroscope, and digital compass to be added there as well. However, the prices can be expected to stay down and thanks to 3D printing. The goggles, which he 3D printed in ABS, are expected to cost just six Euros. Moreover, the entire setup both gloves and mask are wireless for optimum convenience.

While virtual reality experts would have to verify this project. Anywhere, this project is the first virtual reality system to incorporate the glove manipulation. He can’t say anything else about, but it can lead your own body in a digital environment, so you can control an avatar with a joystick but your body doesn’t play any role. So when and if you can, in real time, interact with this kind of augmented reality environment and have your own body as a digital avatar, he think this is the different innovation that the gadget brings.


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