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Are you Ready to Play a 3D Printed Baseball Game?

Ever since its innovation, 3D printing has come a long way. With each passing day this technology is being used in different areas. Right from jewelry, to prosthetics, 3D printing is making its presence felt everywhere.

With so much happening, 3D printing has now made its way into sports through a baseball game. Over the 150 years in which baseball has evolved, the equipment has gone through some changes. The baseball gloves have become thicker and the catcher’s protection has improved with the catching equipment. However, the balls and bats have almost remained the same over the years. With 3D printed baseball bats, balls and even tees, the game is getting futuristic.

The 3D Printed Baseball Game

The West Michigan Whitecaps, a Class-A affiliate of Detroit Tigers, is trying to fuse technology with tradition. The first ever 3D printed baseball game has proved that the game is evolving. Two teams of the Northwoods Little League competed against each other in a game of tee-ball. What made this game different from others was that this game was played using 3D printed equipment. There were 26 players out there who used 3D printed equipment for the game.

The game continued for a little less than 1 hour and all the sports accessories that were used were created with 3D printing. The bases, balls, bats and even the tees were created using 3D printing. Burton Precision Co Inc. & Universe 3D were behind this plan. They had all the accessories printed.


According to the President of Burton Precision, Jim Krug, by 2020, it is expected that the 3D printing market will reach $8.41 billion. He added that in the next decade, businesses should try to feature the opportunities and benefits that this technology has in store.

Before and during the game, 3D printed figurines were available for sale at a nominal fee for the fans.

Use of 3D printing in Professional Sports

It is still a very long time for this technology to be used in professional sports. But, when it comes to sports, this game can be an eye-opener about the endless possibilities 3D printing has. In the future, we can expect to see more of this technology being used where professional athletes will be geared up in 3D printed equipment.

What do you think?

Do you think 3D printed accessories can really be used in a sport where the equipment will be stricken together? Is there any other use of this technology that you like? Share your views in the comments below.

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