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China Starts Up The Medical 3D Printing R&D Centre

Nowadays, 3D printing is in full trend and it’s showing its effects in every field like shoes, food, clothes, dance, medical and many more. China sets up its first medical research and development center which is focused on 3D printing technology; it has recently been established in Changchun, a city located in the north china.


 Few of the hospitals have already started using 3D printed artificial joints as prosthetic replacements, the Changchun hospital among them, which has been successfully conducted a surgery providing a woman with a replacement of 3D printed elbow. The R&D center which was set up by the Chinese government, the purpose of it is to promote the application of 3D printing technologies in the medical field. Other details haven’t been made public so far but however, it has been seen that doctors use equipment of Shining 3D. 

Patently, the center is also in the same city where the hospitals have begun to use 3D printed artificial joints of prosthetic for replacements. We can conclude that China is set on utilizing the technology in this area, especially for medical uses. 

It’s now clear that there are numerous huge opportunities available which can utilize 3D printing, with many in the medical field itself. It seems like China has wishes to take a big step in the direction of 3D printing by setting up such a concentration of effort. In mean time, other countries had observed, best take note and even consider whether they had like to organize competing medical centers of excellence or centers to pursue other 3D printing applications.

The Chinese government not only promoting or supporting the future of medical 3D printing but the ministry of industry and information technology, known as MIIT has also been heavily investing in the industrial 3D printing sector.    

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