Cool And Crazy 3D Printed Creations

We know 3D printing can be used to create practical and important objects but there are also fun and cool items that can be made using 3D printing technology.


Lego Adapters  Just like an electricity outlet adapter which allows you to use US appliances in European sockets this cool piece can be used to connect Lego pieces with Duplos, K/nex and Lincoln Logs. Golan Levin created this clever universal piece which can connect up to eight different building toys. 

Busts  So no institution has yet to offer to display your bust in your honor but you can do it yourself. Instead of a famous set of head and shoulders you can use 3D printing and a Microsoft Kinect to measure your head and upload it to Thingiverse to be printed. 

A Hand “free Phone  Bryan Cera devised a 3D printed glove which can be fitted with a SIM card so that you can dial on your fingers and then talk “to the hand.” To speak you hold your gloved hand up to your ear in the way people usually mime making a call or the “call me” gesture.

Personalized PEZ Dispensers  You can 3D print your face on to the head of a PEZ candy dispenser. Hot Pop Factory came up with the idea using Kinect from Xbox.

Kids’ Pictures in 3D  Take your kids’ paintings, crayon art or other creation, scan it and have it turned into a 3D reality. Of course avoid creating 3D models of monsters and other scary creatures kids might draw.

Chopstick Helpers  Get some help using chopsticks by 3D printing this nifty tool which connects the two chopsticks and makes them easier to hold and manipulate. You just slip the small 3D printed piece on each of the sticks and the flexible joint makes it possible to eat comfortably without dropping your rice.

Shoes  With 3D printing you can scan your feet and get custom-made shoes for your left and right foot. Our feet are not always the same shape or size but with 3D printing this is no longer an issue as left and right can be printed each with its unique measurements. 

Babies in the Womb  This is an extension of the 3D ultra-sounds which many couples get of the growing fetus but it takes it one step future. The scan of the unborn baby can be turned into a 3D model so that couples can hold their “baby” before it is even born.

The crazy, cool and fantastical things which can be 3D printed are limited only by our imaginations. Novelty items like a model of sad Keanu Reeves sitting on a bench can suddenly become extremely popular and “in.” It is a little like a video going viral online when a 3D printed gimmick or cool piece is created everyone wants one! In the future 3D printers will also be able to “reproduce” by printing all the parts of another 3D printer.

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