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Dad Builds A Hand For His Son Using 3D Printer!

A twelve year boy named Leon McCarthy was born with no fingers on his hand. The cause behind this was the complication during gestation. To live like a normal boy Leon needed a prosthetic hand for him but a medically engineered prosthetic hand costs around $ 40,000. But his father Mr. Paul instead of purchasing this costly device decided to make one for his son. Paul is a special effect artist and has a state of the art 3D printer. 


Leon’s doctor suggested for a prosthetic technology and then his father have seen a video of 3D printer, he then decided to borrow one from his friend and there the story started. Paul downloaded various methods and instruction from the internet about creating a prosthetic hand with the help of 3D printer. Prosthetics are not something new; archeologists found an ancient prosthetic tow made of wood and rubber. 


Leon’s story touched everyone’s heart because it showed love and devotion of a father towards his twelve years old son. The second amazing thing of this story is that the hand he made is with the help of a 3D printer. 

Mr. Paul told the news reporters that he researched for two years and then searched the blueprints for a new hand for his son. The final product he made, named it a Robohand. His Robohand relies on wrist movement and there was a series of wires and joints to open and close the fingers. This hand costs only 5-10 dollars to him because 3D printing a prosthetic hand is very cheap. Dad and son said they can experiment with new sizes and designs. After this innovation many orthopedic universities decided to create affordable prosthetics with the help of 3D printers in future. 


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