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Delcam’s Shoes Will Make You Scream OMG!

Delcam know that everyone’s feet are different. Delcam said that almost everyone he know at one time or another has complained about their shoes or sneakers not fitting right. Even there is not enough space in one shoe and that’s why their toes get bunched up. There is too much or too little space in the shoe for their narrow or wide feet. The list of this type of complains is endless. 


Delcam Shoemaker design software is authorizing consumer urges towards customizing their footwear by displaying hybrid shoes at the SIMAC exhibition. The designed hybrid shoes features leather at top, but soles and heels are 3D printed. Delcam dreams of highlighting what they see as the future of shoemaking by combining both traditional and new shoemaking techniques at their exhibition. A shoe that is Half leather, half 3D printed sounds good, because the feet are now deformed from uniform shoes that didn’t quite fit someone so well in the early youth.

Across various industries, people are looking at the new design possibilities and materials that 3D printing makes possible. It can be seen how a footwear designer or shoemaker would be enticed by software that is specifically designed for their creative notions and activities. Designers and makers would not only be empowered to indulge in and realize their creative fantasies, but would also be able to interpret the designs and fantasies of customers who “know exactly what the company should do” to meet their satisfaction.

In 3D printing industry, there is an odd mixture of software available to designers and traditional methods. There are the well known programs, and there are also new programs that seem to segment and create parameters for manufacturers interested in exploring what is possible through additive manufacturing techniques and materials. 

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