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5 Food 3D Printers Shaping The Future Food

The future of the food is now redefined, 3D printing will be the wonderful future of food. Since the microwave taught us that not everything we eat has to come directly from nature, we have been inventing new methods of preparing foods and objects. Now that 3D printing has become the technology, the world is in love with. It’s natural that the technology would be used to make food and makes the cooking easier, or at least weirder. It’s still a new field, but food 3D printing is something super exciting. 


Here are those 5 food 3D printers that will shape the future food: 

ChefJet 3D printer  To fill the sweet tooth, 3D Systems purchased the start up and rebranded their process as a perfect tool for professional chefs, and consumers wanting to 3D print the food in shapes so beautiful. The ChefJet comes in two varieties, the standard one and the pro version.

Foodini from natural machines  Foodini 3D printer comes with sleek marketing and savory food and is meant for healthy minded cooks.  Foodini users can make fresh ingredients, variety of pastes and then insert them in reusable capsule which are 3D printed. 

F3d 3D printer  A 3D food printing prototype which is designed by undergraduate students as a final project, the f3d printer is said to be capable of using up to five different extruders. 

NASA food printer  NASA builds a food printer for the astronauts heading to Mars. The ingredients are in pre-packaged capsules and printer could combine individual ingredients to 3D print variety of meals. 

Choc creator  The choc creator is believed to be the first chocolate 3D printer in market. It can draw most of the 2D shapes on to the cakes or cookies. 

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