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Fun And Clever Wind-Up 3D Printed Toy In One Piece

3D printing and toys have a perfect combination. It is not relatively easy to do with the desktop 3D printer you own; everyone understands and wants the attractiveness of toys. It can be found that some children nowadays quickly get bored of them as it doesn’t move and relies only on their own imagination. And 3D printing in a moving toy can become a challenging task.


In that respect, the wind-up toy car seen to be a perfect solution. This wind up car is designed by a student from Australia and Shape ways producer Luke Ditria. The wind-up toy car is not only a fun toy but it is designed beautifully with the visible inners and all this is absolutely fascinating. 

 You wouldn’t say that Ditria actually specializes in beautiful and original Jewellery 3D printing by the looks of the car. The design of the car is therefore the result of a long and complicated design process as he explained. This working prototype is the result of lots of hard work, a few print iterations, a tone of design iterations and a little bit of dumb luck, Ditria writes. I was always very excited for pulling this little toy car out of the box when it finally arrived and have been quite surprised by its performance after only a few actual prints of the whole wind-up gear box system!

Impressive thing is that the wind-up toy car is 3D printed in a single piece of about 6 x 5 x 9 cm and has a strong and flexible body, making it perfect for playing with it. The car also comes with a wind-up key, though like old toy cars, it can also be wound but by simply pulling the car back. However before the use, the car requires quite a bit of manual cleaning to get it rolling.

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