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Make Your Own Customized Toothbrush with a 3D Printer

Blizzident now offers consumers the chance to make their own customized toothbrush using a 3D printer.

The advantage of a toothbrush produced by a 3D printer is that it is custom-made; cleans your teeth and mouth more thoroughly than a conventional toothbrush; it is easy to produce and will save you time and money in the future. 

How to Make a Toothbrush with a 3D Printer?
A dentist makes a 3D scan of your mouth and uploads it directly to the Blizzident website where a (CAD) computer aided design is created. Alternatively the dentist could make a mold/cast of your teeth. This is an inverse mold of your mouth. Then the device is "printed" using the 3D printer. Stereo lithography technology is employed using ultraviolet curable photopolymer "resin" and an ultraviolet laser. The brush is constructed in successive layers using biocompatible materials and FDA approved plastics.

Why is a 3D Printed Toothbrush Better than a Conventional toothbrush?
The Blizzident toothbrush simultaneously flosses and cleans your teeth, gums and tongue. Each bristle is tailored to your teeth, the bristles are placed at a 45° angle along the gum line which is the angle recommended by dentists for perfect brushing. Additional bristles go in-between your teeth. The 600 bristles are aligned to your specific teeth specifications. The Blizzident toothbrush can clean your teeth in 6 seconds as you bite down and grind your teeth.


What is it Like to Use a 3D Printer Toothbrush?
Well it doesn't look like a conventional toothbrush it is more like an "all mouth brush". The device appearance can best be described as resembling a dental plate or dentures covered in bristles. It is a replica of the inside of your mouth. The whole "brush" is held in your mouth so it can thoroughly clean your teeth. Instead of manually moving the bristles back and forth you insert the devise into your mouth as if you were biting down on a dental mold. Then you grind and bite on the brush for 6 seconds as the bristles do their job. This recreates the most optimum teeth brushing methods (Modified Bass technique - back and forth and Fones Method - circular motion).


Cost of a 3D Printer Toothbrush
You are likely to pay about $299 plus dentist's fees. It is recommended to replace your Blizzident brush annually. You can get your next brush at a lower rate. The brush will improve your dental health, save you money on future dental treatments and save you time both on brushing and flossing. 

3D Printer Blizzident toothbrush cleans 100% compared to 70% by electric toothbrushes. So if you want cleaner teeth and better dental hygiene ask your doctor about making a 3D scan of your mouth and uploading it to Blizzident to get your own tailor-made 3D printer toothbrush.

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