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Swedish Student Creates The World’s First 3D Printed Fully Functional Dishwasher

3D printing has opened a whole new monarchy of possibilities for engineers and designers all over the world. This great technology allows the individuals to design or engineer a product, and allows them to bring these products in the tangible world within some hours. There is nothing except 3D printing which can speed up the innovation and invention process in coming years.  



Where many other look at desktop 3D printers as simply being toys for their hobbies, a boy, named fillip Sjoo, 22 years old who is a Swedish engineering student used 3D printing to come up with an invention. Sjoo decided to invent something from his engineering project which would be fascinating to create. So, he decided to create a 3D printed fully functional dishwasher. 

He started his process of creation with the measuring of threads and he searched the internet for a standard CAD file that would easily fit n his sink’s tap. However, he didn’t found any such CAD file which fits his measurement so he finally decided to create his own CAD file. He began designing his tap attachment, using SolidWorks and making sure that his threads did not exceed the angle of 45 degrees.

Now, the fun part of the project begins. Sjoo had to devise a plan to fabricate the creation that could actually wash dishes effectively. The first thing came in his mind about the plan was creating an internal water turbine, which was efficient according to him. Once his design was complete, it was on to 3D printing the parts. After the printing had finished, Sjoo assembled them and then hooked his newly invented device to his sink’s water tap and turned it on. The brush which is not 3D printed is held onto the washer using zip ties and as the water runs though turbine, it causes the brush to move forth and back at a constant rate. 

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