7 Unique 3D-Printed Gifts

3D products found a welcome market this year, 3D pictures, 3D products are in good demand and people showed a positive feedback for these. You can’t go wrong if you are thinking of 3D printed gifts this new season. 3D printers have introduced a whole new set of gift possibilities, moving out some extraordinary products. You will enjoy a unique 3D printed object while shopping. 


Here are the 7 incredible 3D printed gifts you can have this season:

3D printed guitar  You have seen that the market is hit by a lot of unique 3D printed guitars designed by various 3D printer systems. These 3D printed guitars feature real moving gears within the body of the instrument. It’s a costly product but a great gift for the lover of music. 

Custom USB flash drives or external hard drives  Gifting a digital storage device is a good idea but if an option of customizing its look makes the gift more memorable. You can customize these 3D printed USB flash drives. 

Hyphae lamp  This lamp is mimicked in the veins form in the leaves of plants. This organic 3D lamp will cast dramatic shadows of branches and leaves across the walls of room. 

Slim wallet  If you are tired of bulky wallets then this 3D printed slim wallet will be a good choice for a gift.

Bronze bracelet  Based on modern architecture and geometrical structure this bracelet is a perfect gift for the fashionista. 

Snowman ornament  A tree is complete with a snowman, or better with a 3D printed snowman. This gift will add a special touch to your holiday.

Smartphone 3D printed case  Gift a completely customized 3D printed case for the Smartphone in various colors and textures.  


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