What Are 3D Printed Movie Props?

If you have ever been on a tour around a film set you have probably be taken to the props department. Generally, this place is like a large workshop full of oddly shaped machines and serious people around them looking minutely. There will be some wooden planks, foams, weapons or spaceship components. But these days, film props are changing and days of hard machine works and plenty of wooden material has gone. 


3D printing is the hottest thing now and is about to change the physical side of film production. You probably be aware of what 3D printing involves. Generally, a 3D model is created in the computer from a real life object and then a machine replicates it which builds items from a fine plastic dust. The 3D results then baked in a large oven and coated in resin which makes them harder. In some years, these machines have become bigger and make it possible to form a more stronger and flexible.  

Many movies began to embrace 3D print; it’s a tool which is at the moment quite expensive. Weapons used in the films have characteristic grain of the 3D printed object which can only be noticed by a close examination. This turns out the prop shop, film companies has been working to expand the use of 3D modeling and printing in the industry.


The way the props are being made is changed; digital designing is done to print the prop. Disputes have been seen in the industry regarding the expensiveness of the technology. It is very popular now for a photo type models but still it is not in universal use. 3D printing makes the work easy for a director of film if he or she wants to add an extra arm to monster or more guns in the spaceship; it has become more instant and easy.  


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